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I renovated my house on a budget | Ioanna Hadjispiride

Buying a home can be time-consuming and expensive while waiting for a renovation. After I bought a house, I was eager to have a clean and neatly decorated house almost immediately. I'm looking at different ways to renovate our house, keep finances in mind, without incurring additional costs. It took us about a year to start revamping our house; now I've designed and decorated our house to our taste.

Now, I would like to share a few tips with you on how to renovate your house without any professional help. We know nothing about renovations, so we've learned all the how to's along the way. While working our full-time jobs, we worked on our house on weekends.

If you want to renovate your own house, read on.

Paint your walls

A drop of paint will immediately brighten up the room.  This is a practical and fresh idea to improve your home's feel.  It's really hard to pick the right tone because there are just too many of them. There are light and dark colours with light and dark accents. Buy a couple of pots from the hardware or paint shop, paint a stripe on your wall for a week, then see how the tone changes in lighting throughout the day.

Add wall art that will give an instant lift

I strongly believe that a good wall feature can be installed to cover damaged walls or for an instant contemporary lift for your space.  The new playroom of our son is decorated with wall features bought from the 9.

It is important to work with the existing plan of the house 

First of all, maintaining the existing house plan is an important aspect to remember when renovating. I love open plan houses, but I also enjoy classic little townhouses with their own sections.

This will also reduce costs by not replacing the existing plumbing, electricity or moving it all around.

You can turn a crowded and cramped living area into a spacious home by removing some of the walls, for example by knocking them down. Sometimes though, it's hard to tear down an existing wall.

I didn't want the kitchen in my old house to be separated from the living room, so I needed permission from the town council to demolish it. The hassle, along with the mess and the cost, as well as the wait, all severely undermined the whole point. , So, on that wall, we placed a window with shelves around again all bought from the 9. Although I may not have an open plan living room and kitchen space they feel much more connected. 

With that said I'd like to thank the 9 for helping me turn my house into a home. As the slogan goes, live with what you love and that's what I'm doing.

Thanks you Ioanna for taking the time to write this beautiful post about your experience with us. We couldn't have said it better ourselves: LIVE WITH WHAT YOU LOVE.

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